Leisure Hour Jr. Golf Program


Probation will be a step in the diciplinary process taken by any mentor and parent for any athlete that is unable to follow the team code of conduct or attendance. The purpose is to hold the junior golfer accountable and to teach them about personal responsibilities. it is not intended as "punishment".

Members of the Jr. Golf Program guilty of innapropriate behavior and misconduct, including, but not limited to behavior that shall be injerous to one's character, interest, or integrity of the program, Shall be required to appear before the LHJGP Diciplinary Board. The member will adhere to the sanctions of the Diciplinary Board, which may include suspension from key events and/or activities, suspencion for a period of time specified by the Board, or expulsion from the Jr. Golf Program. Any participants facing the Diciplinary Board while enrolled in the program shall be expelled. The Diciplinary Board shall be comprised of members of the Leisure Hour Golf Club, and parents of the Jr. Golf Program.

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