Leisure Hour Jr. Golf Program




Welcome to Leisure Hour Jr. Golf. Our program was established in 1978, bringing the passion of golf to youth who could not afford to play. What started as a group of six children has grown to include a roster of more than 130 youth. Our program provides classroom instruction on the fundamentals of golf, clinics, and on course play. Volunteer mentors provide on and off course knowledge sharing there experience and abilities to expand the world of golf for our youth.
Leisure Hour Jr. Golf program is affiliated with the Western States Golf Association, created in 1954. It's purpose, to consolidate black organized golf clubs located in the western states under one umbrella. As our program has grown so has our diversity, providing opportunities for all children. Our pride is in educating our youth, promoting integrity, respect for others and giving back by participating in community service events.

Parents interested in involving their child with the game of golf and to excel in education, this program is for you.
To get involved continue your tour of our website and learn more about our organization, and it's history. See sponsor and partnership opportunities as well as our scholarship program.

Mark Ganter


Junior Golfers at Practice