Leisure Hour Jr. Golf Program

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Getting involved with the Leisure Hour Jr. Golf Program means more than learning the game of golf. It’s about having the opportunity to give back to local communities, a chance to volunteer at events and activities throughout the year and building mutual relationships with those in your community.

The program welcomes members and non-members to get involved with a number of different projects.


Applebee's Fundraiser


Junior golfers volunteer to help wait and serve customers a delicious breakfast! Parents and mentors are encouraged to help out at this fundraiser event as well.

Next Event: Sept. 18, Oct. 23, and Dec. 11 of 2010 


Barbecue Fundraiser


 Photo: June 2010

 For the past five years this annual BBQ fundraiser has allowed the community to eat and socialize over a nice plate of BBQ ribs, chicken and other side dishes.

 Next Event: 2011 Coming Soon! 

"The LHJGP BBQ Fundraiser event allows the junior golfers, their family members and the mentors to come together and serve the community in a unique way that feels their stomach and lifts their spirits. Community involvement is such an important factor in our program. I believe people give to causes and organizations that they care about because they believe in what they do."                         ~ Angie Harris, Director  


Fourth of July Fireworks Sell

 Photo: July 2010 

The LHJGP has the opportunity to manage two booths for its fireworks sell on Martin Luther King Blvd (located in the Safeway parking lot and across the street). Junior golfers help decorate the booths and gain customers attention. Adult volunteers have the opportunity to help decorate the booths, sell fireworks, food, manage inventory and enjoy a good time with the program’s members and customers!

Next Event: 2011 Coming Soon!  

"I had fun helping out at the Fourth of July  fireworks sell and keeping the mentors and junior golfers entertained. I believe I was doing a part. Everyone does a little part in helping an organization or an individual so that they may get to their destination. In this case, this particular fundraiser is the largest one that the Leisure Hour Jr. Golf Program has throughout the year and it really helps the junior golfers with their traveling accommodations to their biggest golf tournament with the program. This in itself is a great opportunity to help out and I am honored to take part in it." -Bryon Walden, Mentor 


Good in the Neighborhood Parade 


 Photo: June 2010 

The “Good in the Neighborhood” Parade is one of the most popular community events that the junior golfers participate in. Each golfer along with their parents and mentors has the opportunity to march in the parade representing the program.  At the end of the parade (located at Martin Luther King Elementary School) a booth is set-up with information pertaining to the program, miniature putt putt and other fun information. Junior golfers put their skills to the test and teach other youth in the community how to putt while members of the program help out with providing information.

 Next Event: June 25, 2011


Adopt A Family







 Photo: 1st Adopted Family 2002

Each year the program adopts three families for the Christmas holiday and fills the house with food and Christmas presents for the whole family. Volunteers help to package the food and presents. As a program, many of the junior golfers, mentors and volunteers take a trip over to the families houses for a Christmas holiday surprise!

Next Event: December 19, 2011


Volunteer opportunities are available throughout the year. If you are interested in getting involved with the Leisure Hour Jr. Golf Program and/or have a volunteer opportunity in mind, please contact Angie Harris, Director at damoaning@comcast.net.  


If you are interested in becoming a mentor or instructor, please contact Debra Moaning at damoaning@comcast.net.



*Background checks are required.